10 Foods That You Can Eat To Reduce Your Weight

10 Best Foods For Weight Loss
10 Best Foods For Weight Loss
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2016)

Fat gets accumulated in the human body at specific sites, these sites can be divided into two broad categories, subcutaneous (under the skin) fat and visceral (over the internal organs) fat. Subcutaneous fat is visible in the form of obesity while visceral fat is not so visible externally but it is very dangerous for health so much so that it can even cut a few years from your life.

Subcutaneous fat is usually found in the arms, hips, thighs and around waist. Visceral fat wraps around the internal organs including heart, liver, spleen etc.

The most dangerous of all is the belly fat, because it has direct relationship with the development of heart disease, dementia and even cancer. Belly fat releases inflammatory mediators that cause chronic inflammation, which in turn leads to the development of heart disease and dementia. Belly fat is also involved in aberrant immune responses that cause development of cancer and other chronic diseases.

You cannot loose belly fat by doing specific exercise or by eating a miracle weight-loosing diet. It is very simple equation that you have to consume less calories than you burn. If you take 500 less calories than your requirement then you will loose one pound every week.

Usually all the overweight people get one advice from everybody, that is to decrease eating in order to reduce weight. Here is an amazing list of 10 foods that you can actually eat to reduce your weight.

1. Almonds:

Almonds have all the right ingredients to stop the craving to eat and to melt the extra fat. Almonds are full of good fats, that is polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which give the feeling of fullness for longer duration of time and also prevent the development of heart disease.

High Magnesium content in the almonds helps build lean body mass and more the lean body mass is there, less fat will be accumulated in the body.

Almonds are high in fiber and low in calories, both these attributes make them best food for maintaining satiety over a longer period of time without adding any significant fat over the body.

2. Apples:

Dietary contents in apples induce satiety. These contents include fiber, flavonoids, phytosterol and beta carotene. Another ingredient in the apples is pectin that forms a gel like substance in the stomach, which absorbs most of the dietary cholesterol and fat, hence leading to weight reduction.These compounds remain undigested in stomach until they reach colon where they are fermented and become very good growth medium for the friendly bacteria. These bacteria not only prevent development of obesity but also colon cancer by preventing chronic inflammation in the colon. This chronic inflammation is precipitated by bad bacteria that thrive on junk food. An additional benefit is that formation of skin wrinkles is prevented by vitamin C and antioxidants found in the apples.


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3. Avocado:

Avocado is a berry that contains one seed, 322 calories and 29 grams of fat, 20 grams of which is monounsaturated fat that makes it ideal as a weight reducer, belly fat burner and healthy diet. Another important constituent of avocado is an amino acid known as lecithin that plays an important role in fat burning and weight reduction. Avocado is rich in fiber too that keep you saturated over a longer periods of time and keep you from eating. Due to its additional benefits of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it has many added advantages for health and beauty.

4. Beans:

While taste and aura of beans might not feel very pleasant to the senses but these are one of those quality foods that are low in calories and high in nutrition.

High fiber content of the beans induces satiety and fullness thus preventing overeating. On the other hand high protein content of the beans keeps blood sugar levels and energy levels stable at desired levels for longer periods of time hence preventing “in-between meals churning and munching”.

High protein content also helps in building lean muscle mass and melting down the existing fat.


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10 Foods That You Can Eat To Reduce Your Weight

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