10 Healthy Summer Habits

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

4. Leisure Habits and Hobbies:

Gardening and going to the beach are two leisure activities that keep your interest alive, give you enough physical exertion and are top stress-busters.

5. Exercising in Summer:

Exercising in summer has problems of its own, environment temperature being at the top. On the other hand you cannot afford to stop exercising. Indoor exercise with controlled environment temperature is the best deal for summer exercise.

Appropriate exercise-wear should be used, which is helpful in regulating body temperature during exercise.

6. Adventure in Summer:

Summer is the ideal part of the year for hiking, camping, climbing etc. In order to rejuvenate your mental and physical energies you need to take off for a while, back-pack and go out in the wilderness to interact with the nature. Your energy, attention, concentration, memory and efficiency are guaranteed to be at their peak on your return.

7. Personality Adjustment in Summer:

If you are a workaholic, living fast life, stressing yourself out then summer is the ideal time to slow down, have a look around and notice the beauty of life all around you. Relaxing your body and mind a bit relaxes all your body structures including muscles, nerves and blood vessels and it has very beneficial affect on chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Besides, relaxation reduces the risk of heart disease significantly.

8. Family Time:

Spend summer time with your kids and spouse. Not only that you should also invite your extended family like your parents and siblings to your place. It is not only fun but has very relaxing effect both on your body and mind. You can do gardening, go for camping or exercise etc together as family. That will be fun.

9. Socializing in Summer:

A friend in heat is a friend indeed, just kidding, friends are all-weather allies. Summer is a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends. Long lazy summer evenings spent with friends make lifelong memories.

10. Adequate Sleep:

With prolonged daylight hours you can very easily overlook required amount of sleep. If you are not getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night then make a habit of napping in the noon. But it should be at a fixed time everyday for a fixed duration.

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10 Healthy Summer Habits