10 Snoring Solutions

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

6. Use of Ear Plugs:

If you are not having any health-related problems due to snoring then you can ask your bed partner to use earplugs to get a good night’s sleep.

7. Use of Anti-Snoring Devices:

There are various anti-snoring devices that at least can reduce the intensity and frequency of snoring if not complete relief from it. These devices include:

A. Devices for Nose:

These devices help keep nasal passages patent.

Nasal strips are small pieces of adhesive tape that are applied on outside of both nostrils so that they keep the nose open by preventing the narrowing of the nostrils during sleep.

A nose dilator is a device that is placed inside the nostrils before going to sleep and it keeps the nostrils patent by pushing the nasal walls away from each other.

B. Devices for Mouth:

There are a couple of devices, similar to those for nose, to help snoring if it is coming from nose.

Chin strips are pieces of adhesive tape that are placed under the chin to prevent mouth from falling open so that the affected person is forced to breathe through nose hence preventing oral snoring.

Vestibular shield is a plastic device that is placed inside the mouth so that it prevents air entry into mouth and the person is forced to nasal breathing hence preventing snoring from mouth.

Mandibular advancement device or commonly known as MAD is similar to vestibular shield its job is to push the bulky tongue and palate forward to open up the laryngeal and pharyngeal space so that air can pass freely through throat.

An off the shelf MAD can be bought for simple snoring where sleep apnoea is not a problem. Off the shelf devices are readily available and are relatively cheap but are not effective for complex snoring. Complex snoring is the type of sleep problem where obstructive sleep apnoea is also part of the equation. You need to get a custom made MAD. This is made by an Orthodontist. It is not only expensive but also has variable prices depending on the type materials used in its manufacturing and how complex its design is.

8. Medicinal Options:

There is no medicine with direct effect on snoring. However a medical intervention can be made to address the underlying cause to get a relief from snoring. Examples include antihistamines for allergic rhinitis and decongestant nasal sprays and nasal drops for congested and blocked nose.

9. Radiofrequency Ablation:

Radiofrequency ablation is done in those cases where snoring is due to vibration of soft palate. This is a day procedure (in which case you don’t have to stay in the hospital after the procedure). In this procedure an electrode is embedded in the soft palate, which delivers high frequency radio waves to its tissue causing shrinking and firming of it. A firm, shortened soft palate reduces the chances of palatal vibration and and snoring.

10. Surgical Solutions:

Surgery is used as a last resort when all other treatment options have failed. Surgery is effective only in specific types of problems that cause snoring. Various types of surgeries are done to relieve snoring.

A. Uvulopharyngopalatoplasty:

Commonly known as UPPP is done when it has been established that uvula, soft palate and soft tissue in the throat are causing snoring. In this procedure uvula, part of palate and soft tissue of throat is removed. In severe cases tonsils and adenoids are also excised along with hanging soft tissue of the throat.

B. Uvulopalatoplasty:

Also known as UPP is done with the help of laser or high energy radio waves, which are used to burn part of soft palate and uvula. Being convenient, this procedure is more popular but is not as effective as UPPP over a long period of time.

C. Palatal Implants:

Palatal implants are used to harden the soft palate. In those cases where snoring is due to vibration of soft palate, a local anaesthetic is sprayed on the soft palate to make it numb. After this synthetic implants are injected into the soft palate. These implants harden the soft palate and prevent it from vibration and snoring.

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10 Snoring Solutions