5 Facts About Addiction of Internet and Computer Devices

Internet and Computer Adict
Internet and Computer Adict
(Last Updated On: March 3, 2016)

Addiction of internet and computer devices including PCs, tablets, mobile phones etc. has very grave consequences against ones personal, professional, social and family life. This addiction not only adversely affects but potentially destroys ones daily practical life, relationships and earning capacity. This addiction can safely be said to be part of your habits if you have compulsion to frequently check your mobile, tablet and PC for messages, emails and your accounts on websites of social media, despite knowing that it is counterproductive for yourself and your dear ones and also knowing that it is affecting very adversely all dimensions of your life.


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1. What is This Addiction?

This disorder is known by many names including internet addiction, online addiction, problematic internet use (PIU), compulsive internet use (CIU), internet overuse, problematic computer use, pathological computer use, iDisorder, computer addiction and internet addiction disorder (IAD). Underlying problem in this addiction is lack of impulse control. Few famous faces of this disorder are given below:

I. Cybersex Addiction:

Real life intimate relationships of these addicts are affected very badly due to compulsive online viewing of pornography, lack of control over impulse to visit adult chat rooms and compulsion to play online adult fantasy roles.

II. Cyber-Relationship Compulsion:

The real life friends and family of these addicts lose their importance to compulsive social media relationships, texting, chatting and messaging.

III. Net Compulsions:

These addicts often end up with problems related to their work and finances due to compulsion for online gaming, gambling, trading of stocks and participation in auctions.

IV. Information Overload:

Graph of their job productivity and real life relationships goes further down as graph of their compulsion for internet surfing and information searching goes up.

V. Computer Addiction:

It is different than internet addiction in that there is compulsion to play offline computer games or there is obsession of computer programming.

2. Where To Draw The Line?

You might need to use computer and internet excessively due to nature of your work or for staying in contact with your far off family and friends. However remember that you cross the limit when internet and computer use starts adversely affecting your real life relationships, work, leisure activities and activities of daily living. when you realize this then you have to rethink and readjust your lifestyle.


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5 Facts About Addiction of Internet and Computer Devices

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