7 Bad Habits That Cause Internet and Computer Addiction

internet addiction
Bad Habits of Internet Addicts
(Last Updated On: December 19, 2016)

Computer and internet are a dynamic source of information and entertainment. It has become very easy to use computer and related devices since the advent of smart phones, tablets and laptops. It has also become very convenient to access internet from anywhere with the development of modern communication systems. Hence anybody can access and view anything on internet from anywhere. While viewing and browsing websites at random or any particular web address on somebody’s recommendation, one might fall for any particular online activity and become its excessive user/misuser/abuser. That is why a line should always be drawn to limit the internet activity because overdoing any online activity might transform into a habit and eventually into internet and computer addiction.


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Here are 7 habits that are possessed by internet and computer addicts.

1. Cybersex and Pornography:

Sex is a normal life behavior that almost all of us practice as a normal pleasurable life experience. However, as there are limits for everything so are there for sexual behavior and when someone crosses these limits it not only becomes bizarre but also sickening.

Cybersex and pornography are such a variety of sexual behavior disorders that are driven by urge and lack of impulse control. The affected person suffers from indecisiveness about engagement in the sexual behavior, compulsion to go ahead with the activity anyway and inability to control her/himself despite knowing all the negative effects of the behavior.

Affected people do cybersex, pornography and any other so called online intimate activity to overcome the feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, depression, loneliness and social isolation. They also do it in order to be accepted by a certain class of people and to look cool. While in reality it is counterproductive and actually worsens all the problems that are being addressed with the help of this activity.

2. Online Gambling:

Gambling by compulsion has been a problem since long but it has become endemic since the advent of internet and computer. Access to gambling has become very easy through internet by dedicated gambling websites. This ease of access has provided an opportunity to gamble for all those who have no access to a real casino or a betting track. It has not only resulted in indulgence of underage population into gambling but has also caused relapse in those who are recovering from gambling addiction.

It is very easy to establish a virtual gambling setup as compared to real life casino as it does not require a building, equipment, furniture and staff to run it. It only requires software and server and an extremely small number of staff as compared to real casino to run it. As in real casino, odds are always in favor of the house, which means the software that is running the gambling will be the winner eventually. The design of software for online gambling is such that the player might win some money initially but he will certainly lose a lot of money in the long run once he is hooked up to online gambling.

Nature of the game and its addiction results in extreme financial loss hence further aggravating already existing, financial, professional, social and family woes.


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7 Bad Habits That Cause Internet and Computer Addiction

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