10 Healthy Summer Habits

Healthy Habits in Summer
Health in Summer
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

Summer is just starting off and kicking into top gear. With heat showering from the sky and mercury soaring into the sky, the living beings suffer from excessive sun. In these hot and hard times of global warming our experts have compiled a list of top 10 healthy habits that will not only get you through this summer comfortably but actually will make it enjoyable for you. You just need to be a little disciplined and adopt these habits to be the fittest survivor in summer.

1. Protect Your Exterior Against the Sun:

Exposed parts of your body can contract some serious damage from sun, especially from ultraviolet part of the sunshine. How serious? Well, it can be as serious as a skin cancer and as damaging as cosmetic damage. Here is the list of the least that you can do to protect exposed parts of your body against the sun:

A. Sunblock:

Use a sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30. It will protect your skin against harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

B. Sunglasses:

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes against the sun these also prevent wrinkling around the eyes and forehead.

C. Hair Care:

Use appropriate headgear to prevent sun damage to your hair. You can use a peak cap or a hat. While you are getting wet a lot during the summer in swimming pools and at the beach, don’t forget to use anti-chlorine shampoo as chlorine can inflict some serious damage to your hair, so much so that it can cause baldness on its own.

2. Protect Your Inner-Self Against The Sun:

As you can protect exposed parts of your body against the undesirable effects of heat so can you do for interior of your body. Heat can drain your body to dryness leading to heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke in that order.

There is a simple two-pronged strategy against the heat effects on the functioning of your body. First is to avoid these unwanted effects and second is to replenish your body to makeup for the depletion caused by the heat.

A. Avoid Heat Effects:

Refrain from going out in the sun during peak sun hours and if you have to go at all use shades like umbrellas and appropriate clothing that will not only protect against the sun but also facilitate ventilation over the body surface. While exercising use exercise wear that will allow the natural body-cooling mechanisms, such as sweating, to function properly. Exercise in an environment, preferably indoors, that maintain optimum temperature for physical exertion.

B. Replenish Your Body:

Heat depletes your body of vital fluids and salts, which are lost in order to maintain normal body temperature in a hot environment. Keep yourself well-hydrated with fresh fruit juices and water and avoid alcohol beverages.

Take frequent small snacks instead of 2, 3 or 4 big meals. Small snacks keep your blood glucose levels steady and at desirable levels making heat more tolerable.

3. Summer Diet:

When the sun is beating down at its full, the idea of consuming calorie-loaded juices and ice-creams is very attractive. But you have to have control on yourself to avoid these calorified diets. Best thing is to have chilled fresh fruit juices without any added sugar, lot of seasonal fresh fruits and salads. Melons and pumpkins are awesome in summer. Drink enough water to keep your urine flowing and clear, drinking less water makes the high-coloured urine, which can be a health hazard in itself.

Mix some healthy proteins in one or two meals a day. Desirable protein foods include beans, nuts, cheese, fish and poultry.

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10 Healthy Summer Habits

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